Grupo Anan was born in Mexico City in 2015 somewhere between the pre and post classical sections of the Museo Nacional de Anthropologia.

Grupo Anan considers time like a game of Jenga amongst friends in some international youth hostel somewhere, pulling away the wooden blocks of written history, prescribed futures, and the linearities that were created, defined and presented to us (as .. something), and allowing things to simply fall, flattening the plane. No hills or valleys here, but simply a celebration, full of potential.

Considering imaginary space, geographical space, energy, matter, conspiracy theory, personal reality, human conditioning, neuroses, empathy, pain, joy, love and spirituality as all woven from the very same fabric.

At its core, Grupo Anan exists as an artist duo, meanwhile incorporating the efforts of outside collaborators to produce works that sometimes blur the line between author, participant, viewer and cohort. (Maybe we are all Grupo Anan.)

We met recently with some very ancient figure. The figure told us that we were also them and they, us. This left us a little perplexed but we eventually realised that what they were attempting to communicate was that we, as in, us, have the power to decide for ourselves how we can connect with and create meaning from that which surrounds us.